Revised January 2009



The name of this Association shall be the "Western Michigan Appaloosa Regional, Inc."


The purpose of this Association shall be:

1. To cooperate with and aid in every way possible, the programs and functions of the Western Michigan Appaloosa Club, Incorporated:

2. To promote interest and improvement in the breed in the State of Michigan;

3. To approve year end awards and to regulate all Western Michigan Appaloosa shows and events;

4. To provide the support necessary to the youth members of the Regional as to make them better able to handle the responsibilities of adulthood.


The Resident Agent of the Association shall be the Secretary. The Registered office of the Association shall be the residence address of the Secretary.


A. The active membership of the Association shall be divided into two categories and shall include:

1. Adult members (those members who are over eighteen (18) years of age by January 1 of said year).
2. Youth members (those members who are eighteen (18) years of age and under on January 1 of said year)

B. Adult membership shall have the right to cast one vote on all issues presented to the membership for decision.

C. By unanimous vote of the Board of Directors a membership may be designated as an "Honorary Member" of the Association. Such classification shall apply to said member for the remainder of his life, and said member shall be entitled to all rights of an adult member without being required to pay annual dues.

D. A member of the Association may be suspended for a period of time or expelled for cause or for conduct prejudicial of the best interest of the Association. Suspension or expulsion shall be by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors and shall be for a period designated by the body. Notice that such action taken against such person must be mailed by registered mail to such person at his last known address at least thirty (30) days prior to such action. Such note shall include a statement of charges against such person. The member shall be given an opportunity to present a defense at a time and place mentioned in the notice.


The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on January 1 of each year and end on the last day of December of that year.


A. Annual dues for adult members shall be Thirteen Dollars ($13.00) per year or Twenty Dollars ($20.00) for husband and wife. (Revised 2/06)

B. Annual dues for youth members shall be Seven Dollars ($7.00) per year. (Revised 2/06)

C. Family Life Membership is One Hundred & Fifty Dollars ($150.00) until youth of said family no longer qualifies for youth membership.

In cases of divorce of life members, the life membership will stay with the original life members. New spouses of life members must pay Hundred Dollars ($100.00)  for life membership or regular yearly membership dues.

D. Individual Lifetime membership is 0ne Hundred Dollars ($100.00) (Revised 2/06)

E. The Board of Directors may, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, increase the annual dues for the succeeding year by an amount not to exceed Five Dollars ($5.00). Such an increase shall be effective for at least two years before the Board of Directors can again raise the dues.

F. If annual WMAR membership dues are not paid prior to participation in a WMAR approved event, all membership privileges including, but not limited to, the accumulation of points will not be recognized.


A. The Board of Directors shall consist of between 8 to 12 persons, depending on availability, from
among the adult membership of the association.

If there are fewer nominees than there are open slots, no ballots have to be mailed

B. Four (4) Directors shall be elected each year for a period of three (3) years.

C. Each Director shall own an Appaloosa horse, or shall actively manage such an animal.

                    D. No more than two (2) Directors shall be from the same farm.

E. Each nominee shall be a fully paid WMAR member in order to be eligible for election to a WMAR Directorship and must remain an active member in good standing for their term of office.

F. A Director who misses  two (2) meetings during any fiscal year without excused absence by vote of the Board of Directors, shall automatically cease to hold a Directorship. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to inform the Director and the Board of Directors of such a situation, and to institute procedures to replace said Director.(Revised 2/05)

1. Excused absences only accepted for death in immediate family, hospitalization of Board of Directors or immediate family, or ApHC World or National show. (Revised 3/07)

2. Dismissal (of unexcused absent) subject to review of WMAR Board of Directors (Revised 3/07)

G. The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Association, and shall institute or approve all events necessary to undertake and advance the purposes of the Association. The Board of Directors shall make, amend or interpret the Charter and by-laws of the Association by votes of a majority of its members.

H. During election of Board of Directors, two (2) alternates can be voted by body to attend meetings with no voting rights. Any vacancy in the Directorship may be filled by the alternate upon two-thirds (2/3) approval of the Board of Directors for the remainder of his/her predecessors’ term.


A. The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and/or Treasurer.

B. The officers will be appointed by the Board of Directors at the first meeting after the election of the Board of Directors.

C. The term of an Officer shall be for one (1) year.

D. A minimum of two (2) Board Officers (preferably the President and Treasurer) will hold/assume signers rights and responsibilities to any and/or funds held on behalf of WMAR.

E. Duties of Officers: The duties and powers of the Officers of the Association shall be as follows and shall hereafter be set by resolve of the Board of Directors:


1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
 He shall also preside at all meetings of the members.

He/she shall cause to be called regular and special meetings.

3. He/she shall present at each annual meeting of the members and Directors a report of the condition of the business of the Association.

4. He/she shall sign and execute all contracts in the name of the Association.

5. He/she shall cause all books, reports, statements and certificates to be properly kept and filed as
required by law.

6. He/she shall enforce these by-laws and perform all duties incidental to his/her office and which are
required by law, and generally, he/she shall supervise and control the business and affairs of the Association.


During the absence or incapability of the President, the Vice President, in order of seniority of election, shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have the powers and be subject to all the responsibilities of the office of the President and perform such duties and functions as the Board may prescribe.


1. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the members in appropriate books.

2. He/she shall attend to the giving of notice of special meetings of the Board of Directors and of all the meetings of the members of the Association.

3. He/she shall perform all the duties of incident to the office of Secretary of the Association.

4. He/she shall attend to all correspondence and present to the Board of Directors at the meeting all official communication received by him/her.


1. He/she shall be custodian of the records.

2. He/she shall keep at the principal office of the Association a book or record containing names, alphabetically arranged, of all persons who are members of the Association, showing their places of residence, and the dates when they respectively became members. He/she shall keep such book or record.

3. He/she shall sign all certificates representing membership.

4. He/she shall have the care and custody of and be responsible for all the funds and securities of the Association and shall deposit such funds and securities in the name of the Association in such banks of safe deposit companies as the Board of Directors may designate.

5. He/she shall make, sign, and endorse in the name of the Association all checks, drafts, notes and other orders under the direction of the President of the Board of Directors.

6. He/she shall keep at the principal office of the Association accurate books of account of all its business and transactions and shall at all reasonable hours exhibit books and accounts to any member upon application.

7. He/she shall render a report of the condition of the finances of the Association at each regular meeting of the Board of Directors and at such other times as shall be required of him/her, and he/she shall make a full financial report at the annual meeting of the shareholders.

8. He/she shall further perform all duties incident to the office of the Treasurer of the Corporation.

9. If required by the Board of Directors, he/she shall be given such bond as it shall determine appropriate for the faithful performance of his/her duties.

10. In the case of dissolution of the Western Michigan Appaloosa Regional Club all monies in the treasury shall revert to another non-profit organization of the acting Board of Directors choosing. (revised 2/98)


A. There shall be appointed each year from the Board of Directors, a Director to coordinate the activities of the following committees:

1. Rules and By-laws

2. Member Services and Publicity

3.Liaison with the MApHA (2/99)

4. Show Committee

5.Fund Raisers

6.Futurity Committee

7. Banquet Committee (2/01)

8. Awards & Points (2/99)

B. The Director assigned to a particular committee shall be responsible for appointing members of the Association to the committee. The members shall elect a Chairman of the Committee. The chairman and the members shall have the responsibility assigned to that committee shall be liaison between the Board of Directors and the committee.

C. All monies/funds due or collected shall be made payable to and receipted by WMAR. Each event chair shall assume the responsibility for tracking and collecting monies due. All funds collected shall be forwarded to the WMAR Treasurer for deposit and incorporation into the financial records in a timely manner. (not less than within 30 days from date of receipt).


Each adult member shall be entitled to vote on all motions presented to the membership, including the election of the Board of Directors .

A. A nominating committee of (2) Board of Directors, not up for re-election, will comprise the nominating committee.

B. The nominating committee will actively recruit applications for the Board of Directors.

C. Those recruited will be voted on by the membership. Ballots will be mailed out Oct. 1 and returned by Nov. 1

D. If there are fewer nominees than there are open slots, no ballots will have to be mailed. (Revised 1/25/09)

D. New directors will be installed at the Dec. meeting


A. The following annual events shall be held in the following months:

1. Awards Banquet no later than February of the next fiscal year.(Revised 2/2004)

2. Annual Membership Meeting will be held in November to Submit Rule and by-law Changes

3. Membership Meeting at the Banquet will vote on Rules and By-laws Changes.

B. The above Calendar of Events may be adjusted by the Board of Directors upon a show of good reason. Every effort, however, must be made to comply with the above schedule.

C. Notice of the time, date, and location of the event shall be published the month prior to the event.

D. At the Annual Membership Meeting to be held in November, the membership shall be asked for suggested Rule and By-law changes to be discussed at the Annual Rules and By-laws Meeting in January. Only those Rules and By-law changes suggested at the November meeting will be voted on at the January meeting.

E. At the Rules and By-laws Meeting, the Board of Directors shall present to the membership those suggested changes they have considered favorable, and that they wish to be enacted and the reasons for their position. Each rule change shall be considered and discussed separately. A simple majority of those adult members present at the meeting are needed to enact the suggested and recommended rule change.

F. Nothing herein shall be considered to limit the power and authority of the Board of Directors to make, enact and interpret rule changes within reasonable limitation.


Section One: Judged Events

A. The conducting of, regulation of, and judging of all judged events shall be done in accordance with the most recent edition of the Appaloosa Show and Contest Manual and the Youth Contest Guide published by the Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

B. No horses or exhibitor shall be awarded for a position higher than his or its placing solely because of another horse of exhibitor being declared ineligible for points or being disqualified.

Section Two: Points

A. Points will be awarded in all approved shows held in the following manner:

Number of Points per Place

# of Entries 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
1 1          
2 2 1        
3 3 2 1      
4 4 3 2 1    
5 5 4 3 2 1  
6-999 6 5 4 3 2 1

                    1. The Board of Directors reserves the right to award double points at the annual WMAR Show(s). (2/99)

2. In the Championship classes, points will be awarded as follows:
               3 Points – Grand Champion
               2 Points – Reserve Champion

Section Three: Point Accumulation Requirements

A. For a horse to accumulate points, both the exhibitor and at least one of the owners must be members of the Regional at the time the points are earned.

B. To be eligible to receive youth or non-pro WMAR points, you or your immediate family shall own the Appaloosa which you are showing
as defined in the ApHC rule book.

. (Revised10/2016)

Section Four: Year-End Awards

A. The following classes will be awarded year-end awards:

1. Halter Classes

Yearling Fillies
Two Year Old Fillies
Three Year Old Fillies
Aged Mares

Yearling Colts
Two Year Old Colts
Three Year Old Colts
Aged Stallions

Yearling Geldings
Two Year Old Geldings
Three Year Old Geldings
Aged Geldings

Most Colorful at Halter
Hunter in Hand Geldings
Hunter in Hand Mares

2. Performance Classes

Jr. Western Pleasure
Sr. Western Pleasure
3 year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure
Jr. Hunter Under Saddle
Sr. Hunter Under Saddle
3 Year Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle
Nez Perce Stake Race
Camas Prairie Stump Race
Open Keyhole
Open Figure Stake Race
Open Trail

3. Non-Pro Classes

Non-Pro Mares
Non-Pro Geldings
Novice Showmanship
Non-Pro Showmanship
Limited Showmanship
Novice Western Pleasure
Non-Pro Western Pleasure
Limited Western Pleasure
Limited Western Horsemanship
Novice Western Horsemanship
Non-Pro Western Horsemanship
Novice Hunter Under Saddle
Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle
Limited Hunter Under Saddle
Limited Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation
Novice Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation
Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation
Non-Pro Trail
Non-Pro Stumps
Non-Pro Stakes
Non-Pro Keyhole
Non-Pro Figure Eight Stake Race

4. Youth Classes

Youth Halter Mares
Youth Halter Geldings
Novice Showmanship 18 & Under
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Showmanship
13 & Under Showmanship
14-18 Showmanship
English Showmanship
13 & Under English Showmanship
14-18 English Showmanship
Novice Western Pleasure 18 & Under
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Pleasure
13 & Under Western Pleasure
14-18 Western Pleasure
Novice Western Horsemanship 18 & Under
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Horsemanship
13 & Under Western Horsemanship
14-18 Western Horsemanship
Novice Hunter Under Saddle 18 & Under
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Hunter Under Saddle
13 & Under Hunter Under Saddle
14-18 Hunter Under Saddle
Novice Hunt Seat Equitation
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Hunt Seat Equitation
13 & Under Hunt Seat Equitation
14-18 Hunt Seat Equitation
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Trail
Youth Trail
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Nez Perce Stakes Race
Youth Nez Perce Stakes Race
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Camas Prairie Stump Race
Youth Camas Prairie Stump Race
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Keyhole
Youth Keyhole
Walk - Trot 10 & Under Figure Eight Stake Race
Youth Figure Eight Stake Race
Lead Line 6 & Under

5. Hi-Point and Overall Awards

Grand & Reserve Champion Halter Stallion
Grand & Reserve Champion Halter Mare
Grand & Reserve Champion Halter Gelding
Hi-Pint & Reserve Hi-Point Judged Horse
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Gymkhana Horse
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Novice Non-Pro
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Judged Non-Pro (2/05)
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Limited Non-Pro
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Non-Pro Gymkhana
Hi-Point & Reserve Judged Youth 13 & Under (Revised 2/07)
Hi-Point & Reserve Judged Hi-Point Youth 14-18 (Revised 2/07)
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Novice Youth
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Youth Gymkhana
Hi-Point & Reserve Hi-Point Walk Trot Youth (Revised 2/05)

B. Optional classes to include any ApHC approved class held at 60% or more of approved shows (weekends).

Section Five: Year-End Award Eligibility Rules

A. Horse or exhibitor must compete at 60% of the WMAR approved shows (weekends) in which the year end award is given to qualify for an award in that specific class. (Revised 2/05).

B. In order to be eligible for ANY year end High Points horse or rider must meet Rule A requirements in said division in at least two nationally approved classes. But all points accumulated is said division will count towards year end high-point awards, even if they do not meet rule A requirements. In the case of a horse being eligible for Junior or 3 year old, only the class with the highest number of points will count.(Revised 1/26/14)

C. Novice and/or Limited points will only be awarded in their own categories. (Revised 2/07)

D. In the case of a tie for first place or Grand Champion, no 2nd or Reserve Championship will be recognized, provided the recipient have qualified in that specific event per rule A. (Revised 2/05)

E. Hi-Point eligibility for Youth and Non-Pro classes will be computed on the exhibitor only regardless of horse utilized except as follows: Any Youth or Non-Pro exhibitor choosing to show more than one horse in classes that are allowed by ApHC rules, will have their points tabulated on an Exhibitor/Horse combination for the entire season. If all other rules are followed the Exhibitor will be eligible to place with each horse in said class. Only the Exhibitors highest point total for either horse will be used for Over-All High Point Year End Awards..

F. Champion and Reserve Champion for each class for which a year end award shall be given shall be determined by the total number of points accumulated in the class, plus the applicable Champion Class. The four Honorable Mention, in addition to the Champion and Reserve Champion, will be recognized.

G. Points shall be taken from the Champion and Reserve Champion horses at approved shows in each halter division and these points shall be accumulated for Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion horses for year end awards.